Prime Group Residential

Making it Home

Prime Group Residential oversees the advancement and development of exceptional single-family and multi-family residences in some of the country’s fastest-growing communities. With thoughtful design, meaningful amenities, convenient locations, and over 40 years of award-winning experience, we have tens of thousands of new homes and communities to live and grow for generations.

Modern Single & Multi-Family Living

Our rich, and diverse residential experience offers sought-after locations for single and multifamily communities, midrise, highrise and mixed use residences.

With thousands of new single-family, multi-family, and hospitality home builds, Prime Group Residential and Prime Homebuilders have delivered smart, convenient living choices for Florida families for over 40 years. Its impressive record of quality, desirable locations, and fun lifestyle amenities has consistently won numerous awards and accolades from industry contemporaries and our customers. Our homes and communities always incorporate community, environmental, and customer necessities.

A Home For Everyone

Single-Family Gated Communities

Our residents enjoy premium locations and elevated offerings of design selections, amenities and a sense exclusive access.

High Rise Residential

Our high rise residential experience offers exciting vertical communities with every comfort of home for individual and social life and growth.

Mid-Rise & Garden Residences

These suburban oasis wind around lakes and natural preserves to intertwine the individual and societal needs into comfortable, convenient residential communities.

Vacation Rentals

Oceanside, bayside, trackside, in town or away from it all! We plan, build and manage convenient, iconic short-term and vacation rentals in some of Florida’s hottest markets.

Prime Group short-term and vacation rentals provide the perfect home in the perfect location. From North to South Florida, we are diligent in bringing to market memorable places, unforgettable locations, and amenities and services to brag about. With accessible gear suitable for the destination, guides, and personnel to ensure your dreams come true, our iconic vacation rentals are some of the best in the nation.

Iconic Destinations

Thrilling Apartment

Check into all the thrills and excitement in a private vacation apartment located within popular destinations.

Great Homes

Bring the whole clan with extra large homes in amazing Florida towns. Amenities available to make the most of area recreation.

Memorable Location

Carefully placed rentals ensure a memorable time for our guests. Such are the places you will find Prime Group Vacation and Short-Term rentals.

Workforce and Sustainable Housing

We are pioneers partnering with local and state agencies to meet the need for workforce and sustainable housing within many of Florida’s rapidly developing markets.

As real estate prices climb in many areas, we strive to provide affordable, comfortable homes for working class families who work or commute into areas experiencing higher than normal home prices, or rental rates. It is within these areas that many governments struggle to keep their working class residents as part of a well-rounded community. Much needed employees are needed to satisfy business needs for blue and white collar professional positions. Many of these areas have high demand which drive up prices beyond normal salaries.

Lend a Helping Hand

Workforce Housing

Workforce and sustainable housing in these historic islands offers local business and their vital personnel the opportunity to live, school and play where they work.

Working Solutions

Eligible renters include many public employees – teachers, police, firefighters and others integral to the life and wellbeing of this community.

Strategic Locations

In the center of the Keys, this mid-point services all of the Keys and is a popular tourist destinations. The convergence of local and outside factors make this type of housing invaluable.

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