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Vendor, Customer & Community Friendly

Prime Group commercial real estate encompasses multiple market segments and their respective services for today’s business markets. We actively provide small to large mixed-use properties as well as boutique and specialty such as small to large retail real estate, medical specialty, and a varied portfolio of large and small professional office real estate.

Iconic Hospitality, Restaurant and Event Venues

With more than 50 hospitality, restaurant, party and event venues completed and many more on the way, Prime Commercial excels in exceptional locations, facilities, and amenities.

Iconic hospitality, restaurant and event venues is in our DNA and happens easily with Prime Commercial Developers. Skill, experience and repetition are proven attributes to the division and its staff of seasoned, resourceful professionals. With exceptional oversight of Architectural, Interior Design, Planning and Management we bring to life some of the nations most desirable destinations and event venues. Whether a local legend or new player, we have built icons know for their facilities, amenities, and exceptional services.

Hospitality Highlights

Dine On The Beach Or In The Water

No gathering, meeting or event is as enjoyable as dining on the beach or in the water at Playa Largo Resort & Spa.

Portofino Coal Fired Pizza

The continental United States’ southern most Coal Fired Pizza restaurant is a local favorite. For over a decade, Portofino Coal Fired Pizza has served guests from all 50 states including robust international traffic

The Edge at One Daytona

Overlooking Victory Circle within One Daytona, The Edge, at The Daytona Hotel wraps the upper floor exterior with views, entertainment and light shows just through the acrylic garage doors into Blue Flame Bar and Restaurant.

Mixed-Use, Office & At-Home Work Spaces

Maximizing the synergy of Prime’s multiple construction division and disciplines provides a flexible diversity and agility to our professional Mixed-Use, Office and At-Home Work Spaces.

Identifying and paring the right mix of commercial use with the right location, community and demographic is key to our long-term success and delivery of commercial and mixed-use real estate needs. At Prime Group Commercial we are adept planners and deliberate in our efforts and offerings to include high rise offices, suburban mid-rise offices, mixed-use office space and at-home work spaces.

We Work The Way You Work

At-Home Work Space

We took the modern office essentials and built them at-home. Our residents enjoy a short walk to the office with all the conveniences to get the job done.

Location Advantage

Our focus on acquiring strategic office locations, constructing desirable products and providing elevated services and amenities is key to our tenant acquisition and retention.

Suburban Specialty Offices

Our iconic community centers, office and mixed-use projects attract a successful synergy of specialty professionals and their local guests and clients.

Specialty & Boutique Retail Space

Prime Group partners with retailers for research, development and application of specialized spaces that sell. Whether stand-alone, mall, multi-store or boutique, Prime builds it.

When each square foot has been thoughtfully planned, researched and executed all of our Specialty and Boutique Retail Space is designed for the life of the tenant. With retail outlets dotting the landscape all the way to the Florida Keys Prime Group excels as a success Retail Space provider. Filling the need with large and small retail properties we also back the space with the custom amenities and services tailored to individual tenant and consumer needs. Whether the sale of for accessories, food, or services we build, manage and back the perfect retail property

Commercial Highlights

Chic Boutiques

We build and maintain multiple outlets hosting all things unique, iconic and chic. Clothing, accessories, jewelry, art and even snacks are the order of the day along with top name brand items and hard-to-find gifts.

Mixed-Use Retail

An exciting hybrid of promotion for street front store retail. Just add food, music and entertainment to introduce your retail space and existing tenants as a regular neighborhood go-to destination.

Suburban Strip

Located in some of the fastest growing communities, Prime Group Commercial properties occupy high traffic, high yield locations for a variety of retail clients.

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