Quality builders of single-family, multi-family and workforce housing.

multi-family and workforce housing.

From construction to moving day Prime Homebuilders delivers single-family, multi-family and, high rise homes for Florida’s growing families.


Our single-family and detached homes and communities offer custom features and amenities, for recreation, entertainment and social activities.

As a major foundation of US home ownership, single-family community development, construction, sales and management constitutes a sizable portion of the Prime Group’s history, and new projects. Prime Homebuilders as the original Prime Group company has more than 30 years of experience with the expertise of multiple industry veterans and award-winning staff to deliver thousands of new homes to Florida owners. To this day we continue the legacy of Prime Homebuilders with new communities coming on line from North Florida to the Florida Keys and beyond. It’s a privilege and responsibility we seriously accept as we build for our families and future.

We Make Houses Into Homes

40 years of experience

Our experience spans early years of single-family home construction, large multi-builder communities, road, water systems, services infrastructure, and modern ocean front residences.

Iconic Locations

Prime Homebuilders offers new homes at multiple price points; from award-winning, entry, and mid-level homes to private oceanfront communities.

Progressive Design

We build incredible homes and communities that function structurally and aesthetically with thoughtful designed amenities, exteriors, and interiors.

Multi-Family Mid-Rise, Garden & Townhomes

Our mid-rise, townhome and garden apartment communities encompass a mix of local preferences and market selections with modern amenities and services to help ease home-life stresses, and turn your time home time into prime time. We incorporate more into our sites that often encompass natural preserve and green spaces, lakes, recreational and social spaces, and entertainment areas that promote interaction and relationship building for healthier residents and communities. 

Going Green

Green Amenities

In addition to added, outdoor green areas for cooking or playing, our homes, systems and appliances are compliant with all current energy standards to ensure a sustainable home, and future for our residents.

In Demand Locations

Our rental communities are successful because we look for and acquire high demand locations near major, area economic drivers, educational institutions, and destination location.

Social Interaction & Relationship Building

From the barbecue to the pet wash or community kitchen we provide the spaces and opportunities for meaningful social interaction, and relationship building.

Multi-Family High Rise

High Rise residences with full suites of on-site amenities and popular features. From private garage parking to pet salons to bike rooms and at-home work/business solutions, Prime Homebuilders offers  residential solutions for every need.

Our multi-family residences provide extraordinary homes and experiences within a portfolio of award-winning luxury properties. Our many features, elevated lifestyle services and partnerships provide a variety of curated activities and benefits in easily accessible, vibrant communities. From the city to the suburb to out-of-the-way resort properties, we deliver celebrated architecture, arts, staffing, activities and home comforts to ensure the best possible homes, neighborhoods and communities.

Setting The Bar

Elevated Features & Amenities

The inclusion of luxury features as standard in all of our homes elevates our quality offerings to meet our residents’ needs.

Cultural Happenings

Supporting and incorporating each neighborhood’s culture into our communities provides exciting surrounds and offerings of activities, arts, and more.

Health & Wellness

Promoting the wellness of our residents includes on-site fitness and pet amenities, partnerships with local providers to expand activities for the body and mind, and outdoor spaces for social and physical activity.

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