Real Estate Services

Vertically integrated teams create a mutual understanding and communication with a deep knowledge base, allowing an unobstructed, free-flow of the client and customer services necessary for successful, sustained growth.


Our architectural services work across all asset types with a successful record including office, retail, residential, hospitality and mixed-use projects of varying size and scope. They are an integral interface in the management of talent and resources to scale both scope and expenses to meet a host of client expectations.


Highrise, midrise, multifamily, single family, retail, hospitality and mixed use projects are all within the scope of Prime construction services. Their team of construction experts have extensive knowledge and experience spanning most every type of real estate project.


Prime Group provides an array of real estate management services including bringing distressed assets back to health through seasoned management, maintenance, leasing and property services necessary for a successful property story. These management services go beyond the emergeny into the everyday operations of residential and commercial properties, long and short-term rentals, specialty and hospitality properties.

Acquisitions & Entitlements

With great forethought and experience Prime Group analyzes acquisitions with an evaluation process and formula that has proven to successfully the portfolios of Prime Group and their partners. With that capability is an adept Entitlements Department that ensures an unobstructed path toward our shared goals.


All residential, business condominium, land, retail and hospitality sales can all be facilitated by our in-house sales teams who work closely integrated with each of our service teams for timely interaction for agile maneuvering within the market.


Our marketing department quickly brings opportunities and messaging to market through a variety of B2B and B2C avenues. From initial concept, design, naming and logo; to collateral, internet, photography, video, social media and even interior design, our marketing teams are deeply integrated into the everyday operations of the company and their strategic partners with the knowledge and ability to craft, compel and count successful results.