Prime Time

Our growing portfolio and services are fueled by and benefit from a broad spectrum of resources offered by the parent company, Prime Group. With in-house expertise, flexibility, and agility, our cross-discipline model seamlessly connects all the necessary resources under a single roof. From sales, marketing, and management to finance, operations, and acquisitions, our vertically integrated approach is a proven blueprint for success.

Memorable Locations

Our strategic investment in iconic, memorable locations propels our hospitality portfolio into the top-tier producers in luxury, mid-range, and budget classes.
Our food and beverage brands likewise leverage our extraordinary locations for maximum return.

Prime Hospitality Group utilizes a variety of business and investment criteria, ratings, and indicators. An indicator of note is location, and not just good locations, but great ones. With successful proprietary standards, Prime Hospitality Group has accumulated a jeweled portfolio properties with “crown jewels” in some of the world’s most famous and iconic locations. From the Florida Keys to historic America to storied Europe, Prime Hospitality Group offers destinations for every appetite, whim, or need.
Explore our memorable locations as you explore Prime Hospitality Group.

The Perfect Location

City Centers

We embody the life of the location with city-centered destinations that capture and refine the vibe of urban life. Discover our vibrant conveniences in the heart of our cities.

Select Suburbs

We go where work, family, or friends go with suburban settings hosting multiple full and select-service brands.

Vacation Vibes

Seaside, countryside, exotic, and historic vacation properties are appropriately fashioned to enhance the local scene, entertainment, activity, and history.

Experiential Opportunities

Curated Experiential Opportunities by Prime Hospitality Group bring more fun, music, art, and life-enhancing experiences to life. Our programs and staff provide new and unique introductions and interactions to learn new skills, techniques, recipes, or wellness activities with our experience experts.

Our concepts attract new and repeat customers through unique brand cornerstones expanded through partnerships with local arts, instructors, eco, and culinary professionals to benefit our guests and community partners. From gardening to cooking, wildlife centers to marine eco experiences, to classes by working artisans, we delight guests with simple entertainment built on lifestyle learning, experiences, and relationship building. Our on and off-site offerings include simple yet meaningful activities such as crafts, cooking, acting, painting, fishing, and even driving at the nation’s most exciting Speedway.

Teach a Person to Fish

Simple Pleasures

Life’s simple activities can often be the most memorable in today’s rapidly changing world. We encourage the sharing of life skills and learning through multiple experiential opportunities.

The Arts

Dance, draw, or paint yourself a new hobby or career. With our artists’ experiences, guests may learn a variety of art instructions that enrich, entertain, and strengthen our customer relationships.


Classic cars, fireworks, food, and new friendships happen with our experiential offerings on and off track at The Daytona International Speedway.

Local Engagement

Live like a local as we develop relationships with our neighbors to support vibrant communities that guests enjoy visiting time and time again.

As tastes change for accommodations that include experience options, new programs emerge, with every expected service, amenity, and many not-so-expected choices. Instead of the confines of a stand-alone hotel, many travelers enjoy the opportunity to add experiential activities to their destinations.
Such are the choices at Prime Hospitality Group resorts, hotels, and restaurants.

Our guests are treated to curated venues of local retail, dining, arts, and entertainment through creative partnerships with our neighbors and organizations. Additional events featuring local showings of food, crafts, and music brings a refreshing opportunity to “live like a local,” enjoying the sights, sounds, and local culture.
Such offerings have proven exceptionally successful for business and leisure groups within our diverse venues, scenery, and activities.

Meet The Locals

Community Involvement

With an active role in local events such as Sarasota’s famous Art Festivals, we activate resources often next door to include our guests, locals, and associates.

The Locals Know

Part of any authentic local experience includes direction, activation, and inclusion of unique “locals only” spots for fresh arts, shopping, and dining venues.

Special Access

Partnering with the locals affords access to tickets, behind-the-scenes tours, meet-the-artists, and historical and cultural immersion.

Curated Spaces & Services

Our guests and associates are the reason, focus, and initiative to continually offer better facilities, and services for a constant evolution of our brands, people, and experiences

Prime Hospitality Group has transformed how guests interact within our interior and exterior spaces with new design, flexible uses, theatrical lighting, and scalability that meet new and emerging expectations and experiences. Through architecture and interior design, we scale our properties to be perfectly comfortable with many or an intimate few. Each venue fulfills its specific, essential roles as living room, classroom, theater, gallery, and stage. With flexibility toward various experiences and uses, the hotel, staff, and guests are constantly reinvented to enhance, teach, focus, and entertain.

Great Place For Good Things to Come


Our lifestyle approach and “pull-through” of brand cornerstones utilizing procedure, architecture and interior design facilitate action and response, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Exceptional Performances

Performance art takes on many roles within Prime Hospitality Group, with specialized and flexible spaces to easily accommodate a theatre troupe, jazz quartet, or interactive VR experiences.

True to Brand

Our guest engagement has developed and operated a more outward reflection of our core values hosted by community-active brand cornerstones as a unique method of attracting guests.

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